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Connect to the Wisdom of your Soul to live a life of Joy, Purpose and Personal Empowerment.Take a step of courage into your extraordinary life.

Rosanna Aiyana Ienco

Motivational Mentoring for the Soul®

Soul Mentor

Motivational Mentoring for the Soul® is for those who are ready to move forward with their lives so they can live a more fulfilling lifestyle. For those in search of self-discovery and happiness, this may just be what you have been waiting for.

Our Services

Intuitive Soul Readings

Aiyana Magenta Rose walks between the worlds offering her services to assist in empowering you on your journey of transformation
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Shamanic Healing

Shamanism and shamanic healing is the ancient art of healing that has been used for tens of thousands of years.
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Dream Divination

Since I was a child, I would always be fascinated by the mysterious world of dreams. My mother would always talk about dreams and their meanings.
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Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique. The word is derived from the Japanese words Rei which means “God’s Wisdom”
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Crystal Reiki Alignment Healing

I strongly believe in the power of crystals, so much so, that I wanted to study them. I continue to research these beautiful stones.
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Past Life Portal

Past life journeys are also beneficial for helping you to activate any hidden talents or abilities. People have had many healing
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About Rosanna

How it all began – the power to change lives

Having overcome her own personal traumas and obstacles on her own path, Rosanna believes that we all have the power to change our lives for the better.

No matter what the situation is, or where we come from, there is always an an opportunity for a fresh start, to heal, grow and blossom into the magnificent person that you truly are.

What others say about their experiences

Success Stories

My experience with Rosanna’s healing Shamanic journey weekend was nothing less than profound. Through the medicine of journey work over the course of those powerful few days with her, I cracked myself wide open, making space for a whole new person to emerge. This was the beginning of evolving personally, professionally and more spiritually than ever before. For this I am deeply grateful to Rosanna.

Tosca Reno,
New York Times and International Best Selling Author,
Founder of Eat Clean Revolution

My first experience of Magenta was last year. As she came highly recommended, I chose to be honored with her gifts. This is what I found: Beginning with a linkage to our Soul’s long trek, Magenta travels through the corridors of time to search out the various paths we have journeyed, sorting through the highlights of meaningful experiences.. She then continues, ‘seeing’ through eyes of shamanic vision, Magenta assists us by nudging the ‘doors’ you yourself have already begun to open. Peering deeply inside, she then brings into closer view, the events we are triggering into existence. By helping us be more aware of what we are creating we can then make changes or adjustments in our journey. By seeing clearly those who act as our guides and companions of the ‘unseen realm’, we have the opportunity of welcoming their assistance in our lives….To have a more enlightened awareness of the journey I travel is the ‘gift’ Magenta brought into clearer focus for me. I bless and thank her for the sharing of her beautiful spirit. ​To ‘know’ within ourselves that we are on the right track is the double- gift, of hope and purpose. Invaluable! Thank you, Magenta!
Shanon Wills BC Canada
Dear Rosanna, It is with a very heavy heart to say my beloved Mother passed away. Thank you for spending the time you had with her as I believe it had helped her a lot. Thank you for showing her kindness and guidance.
Alberta, Canada
Aaaaaaamazing! Feeling so blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this amazing retreat. I met an amazing group of souls to go on this journey with me. It has definitely changed my life for the better!
Ontario, Canada
Magenta’s personal warmth combined with the exceptional intuitive abilities she brought forth on my behalf made my reading with her both inspirational and uplifting. I would recommend a reading with her to anyone.
Nanaimo, B.C.
My one hour Soul Reading with Magenta was the most beautiful Gift to receive! She made me feel like being in the Past and Future right here and now. Her Insights and connection with the different Elements, Minerals, Animals and the Angelic Realm brought me the evidence of All is One and have connected energies. New Doors where opened, wonderful support and inspiration filled me up! I am so Grateful!
Alberta, Canada
Dear Magenta, Thank you so much for the wonderful reading, you have a wonderful gift. The reading made so much sense to me and confirmed many things that I have been thinking about. All the time you were talking I felt goosebumps 🙂 Thank you again for all your help, I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have connected with you. All the very best, Love and light.
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