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Awakening the Divine Soul: Finding Your Life Purpose

Shamanism is a profound way to enter into the mysterious and wondrous world of spirit. In Rosanna’s book, Awakening the Divine Soul, she gives you stirring examples from her life – such as recounting her time in Greenland as she explored the shamanic traditions of that ancient land and recounting her own inner travels – to begin to open the door for you to embark on your own heartfelt shamanic journeys.

Denise Linn, International lecturer,
healer and author of over 15 books including the best selling Sacred Space and
Soul Coaching and Founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching.

Rosanna's inspiring story will take you on a fascinating voyage of self-realization and personal transformation. Follow the eleven steps to finding your life purpose and you will discover your true essence.
Bob Proctor
from the movie The Secret and best-selling author of You Were Born Rich.
Awakening the Divine Soul will lead you to a life of fulfillment. Allow Rosanna's journey of self discovery lead you to yours.
Peggy McColl
New York Times best-selling author of Your Destiny Switch.
Rosanna Ienco is a gifted storyteller. Through sharing her personal story of how she discovered her wholeness and life's purpose she inspires us as well as shows us how to do the same. This is a great book.
Sandra Ingerman
author of Soul Retrieval and How to Heal Toxic Thoughts.

I love this bookColette Baron-Reid
best-selling author and Intuitive Counselor

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