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Shamanic Healing

Shamanism and Shamanic Healing

Shamanism and shamanic healing is the ancient art of healing that has been used for tens of thousands of years.

The word Shaman originated in Siberia. A Shaman can be defined as a seer, medicine man or woman.

Many different cultures from all around the world still practise shamanic healing. Shamanism is not a religion, and people from all walks of life have become more interested in shamanic healing as a way of bringing peace and balance into their own lives.


Shamanic Counselling

I offer a peaceful environment to support you and guide you into a shamanic journey through drumming so that you can learn how to journey for yourself and connect with your power animals and helpers to assist you in your every day life issues. These sessions help to bring personal empowerment to yourself. You will learn how to take your own journeys to assist you with your life decisions, empower yourself, and connect with your spirit guide and/or power animals.


Soul Retrieval

Soul loss happens when a part of ourselves becomes lost, leaving a big void inside of us. I will take an in depth journey and with the guidance of my teachers we will search for your missing soul part, or a piece of your fragmented self and return it back to you, enabling you to work towards feeling whole again. This session is only available in person. If you feel a void within, a part of yourself may be missing due to a previous trauma or life event.


Extraction Healing

In this deep work, I will locate the intrusion, whilst being in an altered state with the help of my teachers and remove that which does not belong with you. Sometimes this can be negative energy that we have created ourselves through thoughts or it may sometimes come from others.
This healing is the removal of an intrusion which is negatively affecting your life.


Shamanic Divination

This is a form of divination where I take the journey on your behalf to connect with my power animals and spirit teachers to ask for assistance for you on any life issues that you may want guidance on. It is also used as a way of problem solving or finding answers to questions without knowing anything about the client.


The Step Beyond

In this very deep work we connect together through journeying in helping to get rid of that which no longer serves us and in result leaves us feeling much lighter. Letting go of all that extra baggage that we no longer need and do not want to take with us on our new journey. This is an opportunity in helping to resolve issues or any unfinished business before we move on. It is also an opportunity to face any fears that may be attached to transitioning.

This deep work connects you and Rosanna through deep journeying to understand and appreciate the true nature of death. For those who fear death, this experience will bring acceptance. For those facing this next stage, you will learn how to get rid of what you no longer need for your journey.


About Power Animals

Power Animals are wonderful friends and teachers, sometimes also called guardian angels. In my experience, Power animals are here to guide every one of us. We all have many different animals that guide, protect and work with us. Have you ever been drawn to a particular animal and wondered why? I had a life changing experience that involved my power animal helping me out of a potentially dangerous situation. I am always grateful for their presence.


Power Animal Retrieval

I will take a journey on your behalf in search of your power animal and bring it back to you to help you to feel more empowered, protected and balanced and in harmony with yourself. Power animal retrieval helps to restore lost power. This session is only available in person.


Power Animal Readings

In this session, I connect with your Power animals to receive guidance or information that you are seeking. I also give readings with animal cards. In blending the guidance from your Power animals and using the animal cards together this can be a very fascinating experience.

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