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our clients Say about us

Life changing is all I can say!!! It was such a beautiful experience for me. I was on a high for weeks! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to transform their lives.
Stephanie M
Ontario, Canada
So relaxing. Very inspirational. I have anxiety issues. Sometimes I find it hard to sleep. This will help me so very much.’ Thank you.
Ontario, Canada
When I have a couple bad days, politics, I think of you and those 4 magic words, Awakening the Divine Soul.
John McFadden
My life has shifted…I am changing and the world knows it! Many Gratitude thoughts and Blessings to you for the empowerment you provide people through the Creator.

My sessions with Magenta came at a very necessary time of my life when I was ready for Change. I capitalize “change” because I was ready for clarity and the highest good to manifest in my life. Doing this required me to let go of old habits, negative thinking and start taking loving care of my soul, mind and body. I needed guidance. I searched on the internet and found Magenta a perfect match. Her guidance gave me confidence and belief in myself and the courage to let go and let my soul flow and shine. Her sessions helped me to develop stronger intuition and 6th sense. I am still referring back to my notes of the visualizations and sensory experiences I gained from our sessions. I commend and recommend this woman’s skills to all those who need guidance to take an honest and magical look at their lives. She teaches with a caring and open heart, sharing her abundant compassionate vision.

Roxxanne Faye, Vancouver, BC
Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Post-Partum Doula, Child Care Worker

Hi Rosanna, today marks 14 years since my Dad passed away. It wasn’t until I met you, did I experience closure and enlightenment of understanding the journey goes on. I am no longer sad, nor longing for one last time…I feel him always and know he’s not far, and he is always watching over me. I wanted to say thank you, I’ve been wanting to say thank you for a while and could never express truly how blessed and grateful to have had that time with you. From the bottom of my heart thank you xo.
Vancouver, BC
I wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your meditation. I was so blown away. I listened to it twice yesterday, it totally blew my mind. You definitely are talented and blessed with many gifts.

This definitely has been a huge gift of yours creating meditations. Your meditation took me off to a whole New World. It was so beautiful. Thank you very much.
Arizona, USA
My reading with Magenta was ‘amazing’! I met my beautiful Soul Guide in a setting I can now see and go to for guidance as well as the Archangel who is with me to assist in my current life changes. Various past lives and messages came to me with details on what my purpose was then & how I can use the skills in this life. During the session I released a lot of emotional pain that I have carried in this life. It was an awesome gentle, loving experience that I won’t ever forget & the messages I received will assist me on my journey.
Dear Magenta, The journey you have so graciously taken for me has moved me to laughter and tears. It was without a doubt, the most significant experience I have ever had in my life! It was very clear and accurate, like you were really looking through a window into my life. I know for certain that this is a turning point for me that I have desperately needed in my life and I cannot thank-you enough for showing me a path and knowing that I do not have to walk there alone. How can I ever thank you for this Magenta. It alone has completely healed me.
United States
On my visits with Magenta, I experienced a close connection with family that had passed, including beloved pets. She has helped me work through some personal soul searching and brought a sense of peace. I feel we are very fortunate that Magenta is willing to share her special gifts.
Carmela M
BC, Canada
Magenta’s workshop is the best workshop I have ever been to. Magenta is a wonderful, helpful teacher. No workshop that I have been has done what Magenta has brought into my life. She was there when I was ready. Now I am only hoping I can be a light for other women, men and even children to enter into the circle of light.
Magenta has repeatedly shown through her own life that she not only understands the basic precepts of the Shaman’s Spiritual path but also applies them directly to her own path, and this has often taken great courage. She is ethical, insightful and compassionate. Her connections to the power of the Universe are strong. I recommend her highly.
Jonathan Horwitz, Denmark
Co-Director of the Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies
Magenta is a very honest and compassionate person with an acceptional ability to communicate, this is no more apparent than her skills as a shamanic practioner. She has journeyed on many issues for myself, the most beneficial being a Soul Retrieval. The information and the healing I received is still of assistance to me a year and a half later. It was a truly profound and beautiful experience, which I will never forget.
I just picked up and began reading ‘Awakening the Divine Soul-Finding Your Life Purpose by Rosanna Ienco. Rosanna, I truly thank you from the depth of my being for your beautiful light on this earth and for writing this book. Please read this book if you are looking for inspiration and guidance to explore your inner spirit.
Holly B

My first experience of Magenta was last year. As she came highly recommended, I chose to be honored with her gifts. This is what I found: Beginning with a linkage to our Soul’s long trek, Magenta travels through the corridors of time to search out the various paths we have journeyed, sorting through the highlights of meaningful experiences.. She then continues, ‘seeing’ through eyes of shamanic vision, Magenta assists us by nudging the ‘doors’ you yourself have already begun to open. Peering deeply inside, she then brings into closer view, the events we are triggering into existence. By helping us be more aware of what we are creating we can then make changes or adjustments in our journey. By seeing clearly those who act as our guides and companions of the ‘unseen realm’, we have the opportunity of welcoming their assistance in our lives….To have a more enlightened awareness of the journey I travel is the ‘gift’ Magenta brought into clearer focus for me. I bless and thank her for the sharing of her beautiful spirit. ​To ‘know’ within ourselves that we are on the right track is the double- gift, of hope and purpose. Invaluable! Thank you Magenta!

Shanon Wills
BC Canada

Dear Rosanna, It is with a very heavy heart to say my beloved Mother passed away. Thank you for spending the time you had with her as I believe it had helped her a lot. Thank you for showing her kindness and guidance.
Alberta, Canada
Aaaaaaamazing! Feeling so blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this amazing retreat. I met an amazing group of souls to go on this journey with me. It has definitely changed my life for the better!
Ontario, Canada
Magenta’s personal warmth combined with the exceptional intuitive abilities she brought forth on my behalf made my reading with her both inspirational and uplifting. I would recommend a reading with her to anyone.
Nanaimo, B.C.
My one hour Soul Reading with Magenta was the most beautiful Gift to receive! She made me feel like being in the Past and Future right here and now. Her Insights and connection with the different Elements, Minerals, Animals and the Angelic Realm brought me the evidence of All is One and have connected energies. New Doors where opened, wonderful support and inspiration filled me up! I am so Grateful!
Alberta, Canada
Dear Magenta, Thank you so much for the wonderful reading, you have a wonderful gift. The reading made so much sense to me and confirmed many things that I have been thinking about. All the time you were talking I felt goosebumps 🙂 Thank you again for all your help, I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have connected with you. All the very best, Love and light.

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