Stand tall and march to the beat of your own drum?When working with clients and students over the years, there always seems to be a theme that emerges. This month it’s Betrayal. We’ve all felt or been betrayed at some point in our lives and perhaps we have also betrayed others. Sometimes even unintentionally. In early childhood, throughout school, by friends or family and into our adult lives. This can leave us feeling like we’ve been stung and takes us into deeper contemplation. We look at where we have felt let down, lied to, used or even abused. When on the healing path, we will always meet with forgiveness in some form or another. Not only to forgive the other person but also to forgive ourselves. Some may find it easy and some may choose never to forgive. There is no judging, we are all on unique, individual journeys so we must listen to our own inner guidance. Only you know what works for you. There is no expiry date for healing. When exploring the inner terrain, it can get messy, so be patient with yourself. It’s your journey. Coming back to the word betrayal, where have you betrayed yourself? Did you let yourself down so you can please others? Have you yearned to belong so much that you pushed yourself aside? When you love yourself and honour your journey, you belong to you and begin to not only march, but dance to the beat of your own drum?We are all human, so have compassion for yourself and embrace the journey.

For many years, when my three children were younger, I would send out my monthly newsletter. Where has the time gone! I really miss it, along with blogging! It’s been a while, but I’m so excited to be starting it up again soon on my new website The Mystic Oracle. It will be under Mystic Moon Muse news?I look forward to sharing new adventures with you, along with many, many old ones that are ready to be shared. I also have so many photos to dig up.

Love, Rosanna xo?

?photo taken while hiking on my way to the The Birthing Cave in
Sedona, Arizona