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Shifting your old limiting belief system
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Release stress and enhance relaxation

Crystal Reiki Alignment Healing

I strongly believe in the power of crystals, so much so, that I wanted to study them. I continue to research these beautiful stones. I find the mineral kingdom fascinating. When I noticed the healing that these precious stones have brought to me, I wanted to be able to offer this to others. In this powerful session, I use the techniques that have been taught to me through the ‘Melody Lineage’. I use hands-on healing through the Universal Energy of Crystals and Minerals. By placing the right stones on your chakras, this enables the healing of every chakra to take place allowing you to feel more peace and balance within your being.

Here are a few of the different techniques that I offer:

Laying on of stones, chakra balancing. This helps to open the chakras, clearing away any blocks that may be stored within the body. By holding my hands over the chakras, this helps you to relax, letting go of any stress, or you may experience healing within your body.

Tibetan Pulsing, a very simple, yet very potent form of healing. By laying on of hands, I place the stones on your different chakras, helping to balance the flow of energy within your body, that coincides with your pulse. Much healing has taken place with this technique, often resulting in past issues gently surfacing, enabling the healing to begin. This technique can also neutralize negative energy and deep trauma. This has helped many to move forward with their lives.

Arrays using lazer wands. This is a fascinating healing session, I spread the lazer wands on and around your body, enhancing the energy to assist you on whatever issue you would like help with. These sessions are very powerful they can assist you in many areas of your life, such as helping you to open up to your higher self, helping to transform any self-limiting belief. Some of the arrays can even help with opening yourself to your psychic abilities and clearing away blockages.

The benefits of having a crystal healing session are:

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