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Dream Divination

Since I was a child, I would always be fascinated by the mysterious world of dreams. My mother would always talk about dreams and their meanings. Throughout my teens, I became even more curious. My Mother’s dear friend Dimitra (like a second Mom to me) would also share dreams and their meanings from her Greek tradition. I began studying as my fascination grew stronger into my adult years. I truly believe our dreams hold the key for us to unlock the hidden messages that can enhance our everyday lives. Dreams also come as warnings, I have experienced this many times throughout my life. It has changed many of my decisions and saved me from making some wrong choices.

I had the privilege of studying with Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes at the Archetypal and Cross-Cultural Studies Institute, in Archetypal Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Psychology of the Shadow, Interpretation of Fairy Tale Motifs, The Symbology of Alchemy, and Intermediate Dream Analysis, based on analytical psychology and ethnic studies models. I continued my studies in the Mysterium Psychology in Advanced Dream Analysis, El Rio: The River of Life: Five Difficult Psychological Subjects and Theory of Practice of Typology.

I also had the privilege to study with Rober Moss in various workshops and classes working in conscious dreaming techniques and creative and dream archeology.

The art of Oneiromancy is a prophetic divination from dreams. It is considered a divine act in most ancient cultures and is based on the belief that dreams are messages sent through the soul. One that I have been working with throughout my life.

Working with dreams accelerates your personal and spiritual growth

In these sessions, we work closely together with your dreams either in person, via skype or by telephone.

All one to one sessions are for 1 hour.

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