Weaving through the Heart is a 21-day program designed for Wounded Healers and Sensitive Souls to assist you on your journey to Personal Empowerment.

Instead of putting a band-aid on our wounds, we work on healing them, embracing and accepting our scars for that is what makes us truly unique. We will weave through the heart of pain, anger, sadness and grief. Step by step in a supportive community, we will take a deeper look at forgiveness and what it means to you. There is no quick fix, when we are fully present with our feelings, we can move forward in ways that we never expected.

This program is for you if you are ready to:

  • Do some mirror work
  • Truly Owning and Embracing where you are in your Life ~ No matter the circumstances.
  • Be in the moment to Ground and Anchor yourself Fully.
  • Working with the Ocean of Emotions ~ Understanding Your Triggers
  • Honouring Your Emotions
  • Finding Joy in a Troubled World
  • Get a Clearer Vision of Your Life’s Journey
  • Find a deeper Compassion for Yourself and Others
  • Learn a New Level of Forgiveness for Yourself and Others
  • Share Your Gifts with Others
  • Live Life More Fully and Joyfully