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Planetary zodiacal Array Technique Crystal Healing Sessions – Melody Lineage

I am so excited to share this uniquely, powerful healing technique taught by the amazing, world-renowned scientist Melody, an authority on working with the energies of the crystal and Mineral Kingdom and author of Love is the Earth, a passport to crystals. It was a deep honour to be trained by the late Melody and I feel truly blessed to be able to offer these transformational healing sessions. I also had the privilege to learn the Grand Formation Array. I will be offering this sometime in the future.

During these sessions, I use the planetary/zodiacal Arrays with the techniques of laying-on-of-stones. Along with your Intention, we create the formation of crystals around your body to enhance the healing session.

These sessions are for anyone wanting huge shifts. In my personal experience, my whole life was transformed by these incredibly powerful techniques.

What are the benefits:

Here are just some of the extensive Configurations we can work with:

Sun-Medicine Circle

The qualities include Strength, Wisdom, Knowledge, Spiritual Growth and Self-Expression and Good Luck


The Moon configuration stimulates sensitivity, psychic awareness and compassion. It has been used to provide illumination to both universal mysteries and to those mysteries which are part of one's own reality. It is excellent in dispelling negativity. It can assist in relief from emotional trauma.

Ankh/Venus Triumph

In Mythology, Venus was the goddess of love and beauty. This configuration brings the actualization of love. It opens, energizes and cleanses the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra.


In Mythology, Chiron was the wise and beneficent centaur, both teaching and providing the key to integration. The Chiron configuration serves to enable one to define objectives and to manifest the same, bringing the capability to visualize perfection and the practical applications through which to attain the goal.


Fortuna represents both magical blessings and the personal synthesis of the physical, emotional and spiritual selves. This array represents the art of positive attraction. It acts to further one's accomplishments and achievements.

I am

This array represents the Earthly actualization of self. This array assists one in determining one authentic identity, encouraging the acknowledgement of the disguises one uses to camouflage the genuine self.

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