It sounds corny, but I’ve promised my inner child that never again
will I ever abandon myself for anything or anyone else again.

~Wynonna Judd

Inner Child Work is a Powerful tool for Healing and Creativity

If your inner child could speak to you, what would they say? If you
could go back and re-connect with lost dreams, how would that feel?

During this 21 day program, we will be taking many deep journeys back to re-visit any lost or forgotten dreams. This will be a sacred, safe space where you can connect deeply with other like-minded souls and be supported on your personal journey. We will be working around the moon cycles to enhance the energy.

Gifts and Benefits from taking this program:

  • Re-unite with your Inner Child
  • Remember and Reclaim Lost Dreams
  • Receive Wisdom from your Inner Child
  • Nurture any areas of Abandonment
  • Recapture the forgotten Essence of who you are
  • Re-Ignite your Passion
  • Embrace the Wounded Inner-Child
  • Embrace the Outer-Child
  • Let go of Judgement, Blame and Shame
  • Let go of Fear
  • Validating and Acknowledging your Feelings
  • Inner Child Journeys for Liberation
  • Embrace Self-Love
  • Embrace Self-Worth
  • Embrace Self-Acceptance
  • Bring back Joy and Laughter
  • Bring back the Playful nature you once knew
  • Magical Meditations
  • Short Writing Exercises
  • Expand Your Creativity
  • Enhance Creative Expression
  • Re-Align Your Life Purpose