Eleven years ago, I had a book signing event in Seattle. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was this drum. She jumped out at me
and I knew by the end of the day she was coming back home with me. I have stories for every drum that I play. Every drum has a spirit. Little did I know then, this particular drum, like many things was a clue. A little synchronistic piece of the puzzle. Our lives are like puzzles, we collect all the pieces that fit perfectly together at the right time. Timing is an interesting thing, realigning our deepest desires with our creative endeavours. The name of the drum is Wildflower. If you look closely, you will see the wildflowers adorning the frame in a complete circle. This represents wholeness for me personally. I’ve been on a healing journey, a pilgrimage of the soul through my interior for over thirty years. Having the privilege of assisting others along the way. It’s been fascinating but not always
easy. As I play this drum, I am reminded of all the footsteps it took to get here. The ones that got stuck in the mud, the ones that danced gracefully through the rain. The ones that stood still to feel the support of Mother Earth. She firmly wrapped her strong hands around my ankles, while the soil nurtured and rejuvenated every part of my being. I could feel her breath awakening a part of me that has been asleep. With every drum beat, I could hear her heart pounding through mine, rebirthing the next part of my journey. This is a time of renewal and rebirth. What is awakening within you? What are your deepest desires for the next part of your journey? Wishing you a blessed Solstice and Father’s day weekend.
Love, Rosanna xo

Love, Rosanna xox

photo taken while hiking on my way to the The Birthing Cave in
Sedona, Arizona