This weekend retreat will take you on a pilgrimage of the soul, revealing your inner Mystic to de-mystify your very core. Together in a sacred space we will travel through deeper landscapes to unveil the greatest mystery of who you truly are, as we navigate new opportunities and timeless wisdom. Join us for a blessed weekend of Shamanic journeying. During this two day workshop, you will be introduced to various techniques, meditations and shamanic soul journeys. Expand your Horizons as you move through deeper states of consciousness. When we enter our Sacred Temple and trek through the landscape of our soul, we begin to shape our outer reality to attract and create the life that is aligned with our hearts desire.

Big Buddha statue on sunrise sky

Here are some of the areas we will explore:

  • Receive Wisdom from your Spirit Allies and Soul Messengers
  • Listen more deeply to the Wisdom of your body – your sacred Temple and the signs and nudges it gives to you
  • Re-Ignite the Fire within to Expand and Explore your Creativity
  • Plant Seeds to help manifest what you truly Desire
  • Take a journey into the past to identify anything that you are still holding on to that is limiting your truest potential
  • Let go of what no longer serves you
  • Align your Soul with your Destiny
  • Complete unfinished business
  • Enter the Portal of Opportunities
  • Create a New Vision for Yourself
  • Honouring Celebration Ceremony