11 steps to finding, living and nurturing your life purpose

Come and spend 21 days with like-minded souls in a sacred space from all over the globe.

My intention for this program is to create a Universal Portal of Love, Light and Support so that you may deeply connect and align with your inner core. This will assist you in hearing the messages from deep within during this very important time in your life.

This safe space will allow your deepest essence to speak to you so that you may clearly discover your life purpose and know how best to nurture and live your passion with the greatest potential.

Unveiling the magnificence within.

It is my honour to share these 21 days with you in this Universal portal of Oneness.

Based on the exercises and steps in Rosanna’s Award-winning book Awakening the Divine Soul – Finding Your Life Purpose.

Here are some of the gifts you will receive from your investment:

  • Understand Your Souls Desire
  • Receive Clarity on Life Issues
  • Connect with other like-minded Souls
  • Dance with your Fears
  • Enter a Past Life Journey
  • Identify and Release any blockages that are holding you back from moving forward
  • Enter the Garden of Forgiveness
  • Re-Ignite Your Passions
  • Expand Your Creativity
  • Receive Wisdom from a Soul Messenger
  • Connect with Power Animals
  • Clear and Balance Your Chakras
  • Connect with the Angelic Realm
  • Create a Road Map to your Life to Create a Brilliant Future
  • Learn how to Identify Signs and Synchronicities
  • Enter the Portal of Abundance

I just picked up and began reading ‘Awakening the Divine Soul-Finding Your Life Purpose by Rosanna Ienco. Rosanna, I truly thank you from the depth of my being for your beautiful light on this earth and for writing this book. Please read this book if you are looking for inspiration and guidance to explore your inner spirit.

Holly B, UK